Start, Grow & Scale Your Real Estate Portfolio in Baltimore with Charm City Buyers™

It's time to change the narrative and build wealth through real estate via COMMUNITY first development

"Is this real life?"

Imagine being on vacation, seeing notifications that you have a new deposit in your account for $1100 or $1495 from multiple people renting your properties in Baltimore

Better yet...watching your networth continue to grow as you are not only creating financial freedom for yourself but adding VALUE in the community in which you invest...Baltimore! 

That’s what we were able to do for ourselves and what we aim to do for you AND for Baltimore! 

 We bought our first property about a year out of college in 2012. We continued to push through the school of hardknocks and built our portfolio to over 20 rental units and #boughttheblock by 30. 

Today, we have the blueprint to success in real estate in Baltimore. We know that without it, a lot of people will be left out of how this city continues to grow and develop.  It's critical that together we push forward with community first development - the NEXTGen Accelerator helps us do exactly that. 

But this was us in 2013...depositing our first rent check.

We had just completed our first renovation - ~$120,000 renovation to be exact - and had turned a vacant eyesore into three homes (it was a multi).  All while getting married, having a child and relocated back to Khalil's hometown of Baltimore. 

But during the job, we went through the school of hard knocks - identifying the right financial partners, over budget rehab, liens and unforeseen costs...

Over budget? Been there. Bad contractors? Been there, too.

You see, we didn't have a community or mentor when we started...our journey was full of twists, turns, failures and success.

Through that journey, we failed forward and turned, what could have been wasted time and money into invaluable learning lessons. 

From building a team, managing contractors, training tenants...we set a foundation for a strong, successful, and profitable portfolio.  However, it wasn't enough...we knew that we had to do more. 

Yes - we #boughttheblock...

but what would it mean if 

WE #boughttheblock together

The NEXTGen Accelerator is our way of leveling the playing field and providing access to the resources, guidance, and tools we never had in order to invest in real estate better, faster, and smarter than we did. 

Not only that, but through the NEXTGen community, we can build collective power through ownership.  That ownership gives us a voice in how Baltimore continues to grow and change into the future.

Change isn't all bad - honestly, it's necessary.  However we have to make sure that as vacant houses are turned into homes throughout the city, they are developed with a community first approach.  Allowing the investor to position themselves for success personally while also protecting our figurative "aunties, cousins, and grandparents" who have been living in these neighborhoods for generations.

Through NEXTGen we are able to accomplish something that the Harlems, Brooklyns, DCs, and Phillys of the world were unable to do - add TRUE value in the communities in which we invest for ALL to enjoy.

We've all lived through watching cities we know and love grow, change and develop, essentially feeling like they changed overnight. It's time to take those experiences to benefit not only ourselves, but another city we love - Baltimore!

"The NEXTGen Accelerator has helped give me the drive I needed to help build and develop a better Baltimore, not only for my family, but for the community as a whole."

-Akisha, Entrepreneur

NEXTGen is more than just the information and learning - we're a family! I've made my money back and some by leveraging their advice on deals. Best investment I could have made!

-Lasandra 'El', Wholesaler & Investor


Juana leveraged NEXTGen to grab her first deal in Baltimore in only 6 weeks!


A LIVE program to help you start, grow & scale your real estate portfolio in Baltimore with the resources, guidance & tools you need for ultimate success!

  • Identify your vision, goals and intentions to zero in on not just what's going to "make you money" but what will set you up for long term success.
  • Understand Baltimore neighborhoods and this local market in order to make calculated decisions
  • Surround yourself with a community of "go-getters" who are taking action in Baltimore daily.
  • Build your team in Baltimore for the ultimate hack to scalng


Step-by-step videos to help you learn & understand not only investing in real estate - but finding success in real estate in Baltimore.

I’m so literal, detailed, and thorough with my instructions and resources inside NEXTGen. From "newbies" to those who have been investing for some time, the information provided in the curriculum is full of gems & insight on things we've learned from living this live every day!

You've got to "do the work". Committing to following the blueprint takes commitment but pays dividends longterm.


Live 24/7 support in our private community of Baltimore real estate investors from all over the country

  • Find support, resources, advice from your "NEXTGen fam"
  • Connect with accountability partners in different stages of investing
  • Learn what's working (& not working) for other investors
  • Identify news, policy changes and development projects through #hottopics shared within the group


Group Coaching Calls to get your questions answered LIVE

Getting stuck? Construction hiccup? Join us on our group coaching calls, and we'll deep dive into questions live. This helps us continuously push from learning to DOING (and cashing in on) deals!

Celebrate your wins from the week, and set new goals for the upcoming week. You'll love the supportive community of the family.

Receive tailored support during our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls.
I'm 100% dedicated to making sure you succeed in turning your goals into realtor.


Building a strong team is a MAJOR key to real estate success

We focus on Baltimore with NEXTGen for 2 reasons. 1) We envision a better Baltimore when those who care have ownership and 2) we are working here DAILY.

Our experience and network in Baltimore means YOU can have access to key people from our team as you build & scale your own team.

Things start to become more simple when you're able to pick up the phone & know exactly who to call...


A great investment for me could be TERRIBLE for you

Not all good deals will be good for you. Therefore, one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

Through an individualized approach, we're able to dive into what your goals are, what you're looking to accomplish and let that (in addition to the numbers) make our decisions regarding the right fit.

As part of the NEXTGen fam, you can receive individualized support through our dedicated email support as well as tailored support during our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls.

Apply Now -
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Once you apply, you'll be invited to schedule a 1:1 Strategy Session!

During the 1:1 Strategy Session we will...

  • Discuss you goals and what you're looking to accomplish in real estate
  • Share insider background on what NEXTGen is all about
  • Identify if this opportunity is the right fit and if now is the right time to join the NEXTGen Accelerator

"Joined (NEXTGen) less than a year and (we have) acquired 2 4- Unit Apt buildings and 1 air bNb 2 townhouse rented for $1400 (no mortgage) !!! For the culture!!! I want to change how Baltimore lives 1 house at a time!!!"

-Tiffany B, Investor

Joining NextGen has not only help us go from 3 units to 15 in about a year, but also they helped us with our mindset. Because of them we continue to scale up and look forward to doing more work with NextGen and Charm City Buyers! This program was a life changer and we joined at the perfect time! Kyara and Khalil are great and we aspire to be like them one day! We love how they interact with the community, NextGen, and more importantly how they incorporate their daughter MiKayla, who is a real boss!

-Kemetic Capital Investors

Ready to build a better Baltimore? Let's do this!

Here's what more clients are saying:

"Nextgen offers great resources you wouldn’t find anywhere else. As a long distance member, I have been given access to various tools that I can use from anywhere (I.e. finding properties and deals, real estate investment associations, contractors, etc. specific to my area). Since joining Nextgen, I continue to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible on real estate investment (i.e types of investing, screening tenants, funding, planning and calculations etc.). ”

-Breana F, New Investor

Since joining NextGen, I have become more knowledgeable about evaluating deals and learning more about the future development of Baltimore City. With having fellow NextGen family around, I have been motivated more than ever to close more deals. As to date of being in NextGen, I have been apart of investing in a 10 unit commercial building, 1 Duplex outside of Baltimore, 1 Single family and 1 more closing in a few weeks. Having Khalil and Kyara on your team is a must!

-Brian F, Investors

Meet Akirra:

In about 4 weeks, Akirra followed a few steps laid out in NEXTGen and now has an extra $58,700 to leverage to invest in herself & in her goals!

Let's do this! Ready to apply?

“The NEXTGen group as a whole is like a family, there’s so much information being shared. The tools and strategies can be applied to many different markets, it’s about using what’s best for your plans and your goals. You have a whole complete package for you to hit the ground running."

-Justin and Kerstain

“The thing I like about NEXTGen is the networking with like-minded individuals and all the resources and tools that we have. You have the online curriculum, the Facebook Group, the Instagram - you have people at different stages of the process all learning together.


"There’s so many gurus out there selling aggressive programs but it wasn’t something I felt comfortable with. I joined [The NEXTGen Accelerator] almost a month ago and I appreciate that NEXTGen is a program that puts humility back into real estate investing. Kyara is amazing and accessible, through email. The program has a community feel which is so necessary and needed when you’re a new investor. It’s an amazing program and you will learn so much about investing.


“I was very fearful when (my husband) started talking about (investing) a couple of years back. It’s taken so long for us to finally get to this stage because, for me, I was afraid. Being a part of NEXTGen has allowed me not to be afraid because on the weekly sessions it’s motivating to hear everyone’s stories, questions, and successes – it motivates me to buy our first property!”


Ready to join us as we transform Baltimore?